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Weekly Newsletter

Kindergarten Super Stars May 22-26  
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I can't believe that this is the next to last newsletter for the year.  Your children are so dear to me.  I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.  We have become readers, mathematicians, scientists, critical thinkers, and much, much more.  As I am sending home your children's journals, please look through them and marvel over their progress.  Thank you so much for being so supportive this year.  No act was too small.  Everyone had a part in OUR success.


Our Week at a Glance

The End is Near - Don't Fear, Just Review a Little Each Night

Study guides are available to help ease anxiety surrounding upcoming EQTS under Forms link.  Reading EQT will be given on Thursday and Math EQT on Friday.  Please make every effort for your child to be present and on time.





We will continue to review for the EQT.


Target Skill


Sequence events, identify characters, predict outcomes, and describe illustrations. Use text to answer questions.




Differentiate long and short vowels. Long vowels say their letter names. We will review spelling patterns for each.


Make new words by changing one letter of a given word such as bug to bud or hit to sit or hat. Students must listen for which letter (beginning, middle, or end) that needs to be changed.


Segment and spell CVC and CVCE words.


Words I Know


am, I, little, was, saw, the, they, want, what, where, it, is, can, said, good, by, at, she, he, me, you, have, to, my, yes, no, for, do, go, here, are, we, that, come, see, like, of, play, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, black, brown, pink, white, gray, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten


Blending Words


must, cast, tip, leg, pot, jog


(Make new words by changing one letter at a time.)




Measure using nonstandard units; compare length, height, weight, and capacity.


Add and subtract


Find “how many more?” are needed to have given number.


Social Science


Recognize significance of Memorial Day. Review ways to show patriotism. Practice for our celebration program.




Elephants and Parents Never Forget - Mark Your Calendar

No School - Memorial Day - Monday, May 29th  (Remember, our veterans.)

May 31st - End of Year Snack 

June 1st - Kindergarten Celebration beginning at 9 a.m.  (Students arrive at regular time and can wear "Sunday-Best" Attire.  Students will perform songs and receive certificates followed by cake and punch.)

Final Exam Study Tools Available  
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Studying pays off!  The purpose of the study guides is to help your child review for the upcoming end of quarter reading and math tests.  Although I believe that the students are ready, these tools should eliminate anxiety concerning these assessments.  Please review a little each evening.  Do not attempt to do the entire study guides at one time.   Go to link and click on Q4 math and reading links. 

Spring Break Packet Available Under Forms Link  
Other Class Info Image for Spring Break Packet Available Under Forms Link

It's very important that your child take a few minutes to review academic skills during this long spring break.  He/she should also read for at 30 minutes a day.

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