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Important Dates & Events:

Friday- Ms. Welch’s Thanksgiving Feast- I would love to have a small feast with the students. Girls bring in a sweet snack. Boys bring in a salty snack. We have 25 students in our classroom. Please do not send anything with nuts! I completely understand if you are not able to send a snack in. Anything will be greatly appreciated. J

Upcoming Tests and Quizzes:

Reading: Unit 2 Week 3 Assessment (Major Grade) --- Thursday

Language Arts & Writing: Quarter 2 Writing (Major Grade) ---week long process

Math: Chapter 7 Measurement Test- (Major Grade)Wednesday

Science: Pumpkin Test Observation(Major Grade) Tuesday

Social Studies: Holiday Quiz (Minor Grade)---Thursday  

Reading Skills:

-Testing Goals: Students will be reading informational books and text this week. (Ex: National Geographic, Time for Kids) Students will be expected to identify the key details throughout the text.  Students will need to be able to identify the main topic after reading a passage. It is very important that students are able to read and respond to what they have read. We have been working very hard on students reading a story and writing about what they have read.

-DIBELS Benchmark Goals: Students in the second grade are expected to be able to read over a 100 words a minute by mid-year. I have been encouraging students to speed up their reading when they are reading to an audience. (NOT TOO FAST) We practice this in whole group, small group, and one-on-one. They love to time themselves. J DIBELS benchmark assessment will take place at the beginning of December.

-AR Goals: They have been working SO HARD on reaching their AR goals! Please do not be alarmed if they are not bringing home library books frequently. We are reading and exchanging them in class all day—everyday! I have hundreds of books in class that I allow them to read and borrow.

Math Skills:

-Testing Goals: Students are working on measurement this week. This is an easy skill to incorporate at home. They are measuring two-three objects while applying addition and subtraction skills. Students will be expected to compare objects, identify the difference between two objects, and estimate objects.

-Fact Fluency: Students are expected to solve 50 subtraction facts with minuends to 18, within 4 minutes!!! This has been a HUGE transition for them. We have a weekly school-wide fact drill! Ms. Welch’s class strives to be #1 each week! J

*Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions!* I am continuing to set up parent conferences. Thanks for all you do!

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