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 Vocabulary Words


large       must       big      even     such   turn     why    asked         went     men   need     land           enough             conflict          toward               inhabit            above               ramp            ago                   resolve        word                 whole                 startle               vacation             coax                  


    Students should be able to read not spell these words.


 Reading: We are reading the story Turtle's Race with Beaver. We will focus on character traits, sequencing and lessons found in stories. 




Spelling: spell, read, write r-controlled words.


Spelling Words

R-controlled Words


her               curb

person         curl

nurse           skirt

dirt               purse

turn               turtle

birth             hamburger

serve           surface




Language Arts: writing sentences correctly and nouns.


Math: Adding and subtracting using number bonds and bar models

Test planned for Wednesday, Nov. 13th.


Science: What do you do in dangerous situations?  We will focus on earthquakes, tornadoes, swim safety and hurricanes.



Homework is to be turned in daily!! Homework subject to change.



Monday— Spelling & Math Handouts

Tuesday– Math & Lang. Arts

Wednesday—Math & Spelling Handouts

Thursday—Reading—read Turtle’s Race with Beaver

AR Books are to be read nightly!!!




Newsletter is found under the File Manager!



Want additional skills to study?


*Read nightly


*Study addition facts


*Write, read and sort short and long vowel words


*Practice reading and writing number words zero-thousand


*Practice writing sentences, remembering capital letters and correct punctuation









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